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Carpal Tunnel

Suitable for sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Sprains, Sports Injuries, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and other wrist injuries and conditions.

Stay Active

Waterpoof, Breathable and Hygienic. Developed for comfort during your everyday and sporting activities. Don’t let your wrist interrupt your daily routine.

Custom Made

Your CAST3D will be designed and manufactured specifically for you and your needs, with a range of customisable features.

We scan

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we create

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you wear

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Perfect Fit

The custom design ensures perfect fit around your unique wrist shape.


CAST3D holds your wrist in the optimal position for enhanced recovery.


Breatheable & washable to minimise bacteria build up.


Durable & high quality product designed for long term use.


Personalise your splint with a variety of options  to make it unique.


Expertly developed by engineers in collaboration with doctors.

Customised Immobilisation Technology



The CAST3D brand endeavours to deliver the highest quality splints while prioritising patient needs. Our customized products allow us to interact personally with every customer and involve them in the creation of their unique personalised splint. Ultimately, we want our customers to create their perfect splint.

Initated in Leeds (UK) in 2019, CAST3D is built on 4 years of dedicated development work on customised splints.

CAST3D splints provide superior immobilisation and patient experience, eliminating the drawbacks associated with conventional splints. We enable patients to stay active while wearing a splint.